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Next Race:
Summer Series II - 6
Wednesday 8/5/2015, 1815 hrs
Crew Needed!
Bob on Sceptre (bmusor@hotmail.com)Multiple crew

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17 people are looking for rides.

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CORA Schwag
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Savannah Cup SIs

Savannah Cup SIs are posted.

SKIPPERS MEETING: August 13, 2015 at 6pm Charleston Yacht Club Patio. 

All boat who are planning on participating are asked to come to the skippers meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Rear Commodore Patrick Chisum, pchisum@gmail.com. 

Stay Tuned! More Information is coming! 

Summer Series Sponsor

Thank You Summer Series Sponsor John Bowden of Charleston Sail Loft

Scoring Policy Changes

We have recently decided to not retro-score boats who are not current or have expired waivers.  The new scoring policy will go into effect on Aug 1, 2015.

Boats whose membership/wavier are about to expire in the next 30 days are listed below.  Please contact the Secretary if there are any discrepancies.

Boat Owners Expired Membership/Waiver Within Next 30 Days
LastNameFirstNameBoatNameMembership ExpiresWaiver Expires
MessingerMikeFOO DOG09/16/201509/09/2015
MooreRickMOOSE DOWN09/16/201508/31/2015
SimonsJerveyKAMIKAZE 509/17/201509/02/2015
EvansEddieNAUT ON CALL09/18/201509/18/2015
JacquesPaul FOLD SCHOOL09/18/201509/18/2015
SmithDavidKNOT TWINS09/18/201509/18/2015
AymarBobThe Usual Suspects09/21/201509/19/2015
Race Committee Sign Up

The new sign-up form is online at: http://goo.gl/forms/Q2kWzU5sU0. Please sign up for Race Committee as soon as you can!!!

For more information related to helping race committee, please contact Patrick Chisum at 803-546-1953 or pchisum@gmail.com.

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